Eating disorders don’t have a shape!

Through my 1,5 year with anorexia, I never looked emaciated nor was I considered to be extremely underweight per cultural standards as I didn’t look like a bag of bones.I also had gotten so used to denying it that I hesitated to call it an “eating disorder”, and none else ever considered that too ‘tillContinue reading “Eating disorders don’t have a shape!”

Here it’s why you’re not losing weight (yet).

“Why am I training 2/3 times a week, eat healthy and my body is not how it should be?” “What am I doing wrong?” “When will the weight come off?” “Is this even worth it?” I know the frustration. I can feel it. And in that moment, although I’m a nutrition coach and a trainerContinue reading “Here it’s why you’re not losing weight (yet).”