… another mission accomplished!

I haven’t found yet anything more rewarding then helping a friend achieve her goal, have you?To me being a good coach – as well as a good friend – means support & uplift the other and being always loyal & respectful.This’s why – I guess – both my friendship and coaching journeys with Francesca haveContinue reading “… another mission accomplished!”


During certain times in our life, we are more consistent than others and this is completely normal.Try the following tips to deal with this, live a healthy lifestyle and finally achieve your fitness goals.1) FOCUS ON THE HABIT ITSELF, THEN THE GOAL/S2) LIVE HEALTHY OUTSIDE THE GYM TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS INSIDE THE GYM3) WRITEContinue reading “TROUBLES STAYING ON TRACK WITH YOUR FITNESS PROGRAM?”

“Are you ever stopping?” – NO!

My mum used to ask me since I was very little and the answer is the same even now.-I move: even when I seem still, my mind is working, elaborating strategies, making plans, singing songs, traveling somewhere.-Maybe this’s the reason why I am a sea lover: I feel myself in water, cause also water neverContinue reading ““Are you ever stopping?” – NO!”

Why do legs swell?

After a long period of sedentary and laziness, if you happen to feel tired, heavy, numb, swollen legs, what should we think?Is it due to bad nutrition, lack of exercise or other factors?Certainly, nutrition plays a fundamental role in this problem, which is largely expressed in the circulation of the legs.Why do legs swell? LegsContinue reading “Why do legs swell?”

Have you ever dreamt of "flying" on a Cadillac?

Now you can do it (and no need to be billionaire), just need to join a Pilates session on one of the best equipment ever invented by Jo!Apparently, during World War 1, Joseph Pilates was imprisoned in a camp on the Isle of Man and worked with sick and wounded people in one of theContinue reading “Have you ever dreamt of "flying" on a Cadillac?”

What's your favorite Pilates equipment?

My answer changes every day although the Reformer is certainly in my top 3 and I’ll forever keep promoting free-body movement.Far from being a torture apparatus, the Reformer allows exercises to be done in all positions and for the entire body.It’s just spectacular for ATHLETES, like runners, tennis and golf players.Don’t read this wrong: ReformerContinue reading “What's your favorite Pilates equipment?”

"In the small ladder, there's the good wine.” “Nella botte piccola, c’è il vino buono”

Indeed the Pilates Chair is the smallest of all Pilates Apparatus but is definitively the n. 1 for athletes, men and advanced practitioners.If the Reformer strengthens and the Cadillac heals, with the Chair your body will really be sculpted like never before ‘cause there’s no muscle left unused throughout each exercises.I love the Chair ’cause, despite its name, itContinue reading “"In the small ladder, there's the good wine.” “Nella botte piccola, c’è il vino buono””

The Art Of Stillness.

March 6th, 2020.Today I was supposed to leave for 3 fabulous weeks of holidays, in which I should have visited friends and family at home, snowboarded in Switzerland, then enjoyed Barça with Francesca @frensis46 and finally gathering with my beloved Diana @dianapagano_yoga_pilates in Fuerteventura.Instead… Today I learnt that sometimes We have to stop trying to force things to happen.Continue reading “The Art Of Stillness.”