how amazing is PASTA?

Too often I hear of people removing pasta from their daily nutrition, in a completely wrong belief that pasta is enemy for weight-loss.Pasta is extremely easy to digest, source of complex carbs, with a good protein component and, if you opt for whole pasta, also rich in vitamins and minerals. Today I made myself anContinue reading “how amazing is PASTA?”

Can we live without carbs?

I’m often asked “Can you live WITHOUT CARBS?” I think this’s the face I make and it answers pretty clear. Of course we could live without carbs, it’s the principle of ketogenic diet aka KETO. Your organism won’t use glucose (got from carbs) anymore, but ketones (got from metabolism of fats) as energy source. KetosisContinue reading “Can we live without carbs?”

ginger… let’s dispatch some myths!

Let’s dispatch the myth of GINGER as the magic for weight-loss and a faster metabolism. Surely you can use ginger in all forms and preparations (raw, steamed, powdered etc) to enhance your metabolism, but it is not a magic formula.Having a well-balanced nutrition and exercise routine and definitively sleeping enough are the key components forContinue reading “ginger… let’s dispatch some myths!”

legumes & 💨

Here there’re my #mindbodysoultips for you to stop worrying about their “side effects” and start enjoying their benefits in your nutrition. If you have never eaten many, start with a small amount, otherwise the “balloon belly” is guaranteed.If your bacterial flora is not prepared to digest them optimally, what happens is fermentation, therefore you’ll feelContinue reading “legumes & 💨”

Let’s talk MAGNESIUM

MAGNESIUM is the most anti-inflammatory mineral, found mostly in our skeleton, but also in skeletal muscle and inside/outside our cells. I suppose we all know about the calming effect Magnesium provides, making it useful for helping muscle cramps, sleep and anxiety😴.What maybe you don’t know is that low-level Magnesium deficiency⚠️seems to play a role inContinue reading “Let’s talk MAGNESIUM”

Let’s talk LEGUMES

How incredible are the benefits of including more beans, lentils, chickpeas in your diet?! FIBER: they are full of it = it’s key to maintain a healthy weight and lower the risk of diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer.SUGAR LEVEL: they decrease blood sugar levels = awesome for everyone, not just diabetic andContinue reading “Let’s talk LEGUMES”

Let’s talk (and cook) PUMPKIN!

Today it’s the perfect day 🎃 to talk about PUMPKIN and offer you the fantastic, easy, delicious, vegan recipe of my pumpkin soup♥️🍂Autumn is the season of pumpkin, the most loved vegetable in the world, ‘cause one of the most versatile, tasty and low in carbs (6g carbs over 100g product), rich in antioxidants andContinue reading “Let’s talk (and cook) PUMPKIN!”


During certain times in our life, we are more consistent than others and this is completely normal.Try the following tips to deal with this, live a healthy lifestyle and finally achieve your fitness goals.1) FOCUS ON THE HABIT ITSELF, THEN THE GOAL/S2) LIVE HEALTHY OUTSIDE THE GYM TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS INSIDE THE GYM3) WRITEContinue reading “TROUBLES STAYING ON TRACK WITH YOUR FITNESS PROGRAM?”

Pomegranate… what a gift from Mother Earth!

Do you know the incredible benefits of POMEGRANATE? From liver regeneration to prevention of certain types of tumors and protection against atherosclerosis, it’s one of those super fruits Mother Earth gives us.🌏 It’s a concentrate of many vitamins and minerals: 100g pomegranate seeds provide 12% of daily value of Vit C and 16% of VitContinue reading “Pomegranate… what a gift from Mother Earth!”

Wanna be a Ironman (and also a Ironwoman)?

Then consume these foods on a daily basis: 1) Proteins sources, both animal and vegetable ones (red meat as well as legumes) 2) Some fish 3) Egg’s yolk 4) Whole grains (oat and rice f.i.) 5) Dried fruit (dried apricots f.i.) 6) Dried mushrooms 7) Some leafy greens (spinach f.i.) Keep in mind that ironContinue reading “Wanna be a Ironman (and also a Ironwoman)?”