… another mission accomplished!

I haven’t found yet anything more rewarding then helping a friend achieve her goal, have you?To me being a good coach – as well as a good friend – means support & uplift the other and being always loyal & respectful.This’s why – I guess – both my friendship and coaching journeys with Francesca haveContinue reading “… another mission accomplished!”

sciatic pain (& pregnancy but not only)

I don’t often pose along with my clients – just because when we work we are actually pretty busy! – but this beautiful mum-to-be is one my most loyal one and I’m very grateful I’ve been given the opportunity to teach her since about three years and take her through her pregnancy (we are atContinue reading “sciatic pain (& pregnancy but not only)”

Let’s talk MAGNESIUM

MAGNESIUM is the most anti-inflammatory mineral, found mostly in our skeleton, but also in skeletal muscle and inside/outside our cells. I suppose we all know about the calming effect Magnesium provides, making it useful for helping muscle cramps, sleep and anxiety😴.What maybe you don’t know is that low-level Magnesium deficiency⚠️seems to play a role inContinue reading “Let’s talk MAGNESIUM”


During certain times in our life, we are more consistent than others and this is completely normal.Try the following tips to deal with this, live a healthy lifestyle and finally achieve your fitness goals.1) FOCUS ON THE HABIT ITSELF, THEN THE GOAL/S2) LIVE HEALTHY OUTSIDE THE GYM TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS INSIDE THE GYM3) WRITEContinue reading “TROUBLES STAYING ON TRACK WITH YOUR FITNESS PROGRAM?”

“Are you ever stopping?” – NO!

My mum used to ask me since I was very little and the answer is the same even now.-I move: even when I seem still, my mind is working, elaborating strategies, making plans, singing songs, traveling somewhere.-Maybe this’s the reason why I am a sea lover: I feel myself in water, cause also water neverContinue reading ““Are you ever stopping?” – NO!”

Water Retention & Cellulite: 10 unbeatable tips to see improvements straight away

Water retention and cellulite are common to many women and can get worse during certain phases of the ovarian cycle. I put down 10 unbeatable tips to see improvements straight away: 1. HYDRATE: The more water intake, the less water retention. 2. FIBER: Consume whole food rich in fiber on a daily basis. 3. SALT:Continue reading “Water Retention & Cellulite: 10 unbeatable tips to see improvements straight away”

Here it’s why you’re not losing weight (yet).

“Why am I training 2/3 times a week, eat healthy and my body is not how it should be?” “What am I doing wrong?” “When will the weight come off?” “Is this even worth it?” I know the frustration. I can feel it. And in that moment, although I’m a nutrition coach and a trainerContinue reading “Here it’s why you’re not losing weight (yet).”

How soon should you eat after a cardio workout?

If you did less than an hour of cardio at a low or moderate intensity, you probably did not deplete all of your muscle’s energy stores. Energy is stored in the muscle as glycogen, a chain of sugar molecules. Your body uses fat and sugar to fuel aerobic exercise. If you haven’t eaten or haveContinue reading “How soon should you eat after a cardio workout?”

Why do legs swell?

After a long period of sedentary and laziness, if you happen to feel tired, heavy, numb, swollen legs, what should we think?Is it due to bad nutrition, lack of exercise or other factors?Certainly, nutrition plays a fundamental role in this problem, which is largely expressed in the circulation of the legs.Why do legs swell? LegsContinue reading “Why do legs swell?”

Ovarian cycle, sport performance & nutrition

This is a brief recap of the live conversation I and Dr Salma Ballal had a few days ago and I encourage every women reading this to take one hour of their time and listen to the IGTV video I recorded for you and you can find at my Instagram profile. 🔸All our cycles areContinue reading “Ovarian cycle, sport performance & nutrition”