“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”. Joseph Pilates

I’m a certified Pilates Teacher through both Michael King and Pilates Academy International NYC.
I’m Italian, currently living in Dubai, UAE, and teach full time private, semi-private and small group sessions, group sessions, studio and online classes.
I’m also a certified Garuda Teacher, a method that blends Pilates, Yoga and Dance all-in-one.


private sessions – 60 minutes

Private sessions are highly personalized classes based on your individual needs and goals.

Why choose this service?
– Perfect if you are new to Pilates, to learn correct breathing technique and alignments before jumping into a group class.
– Highly recommended if you’re recovering from an injury or surgery.
– Best choice if you’re time-poor or have a tight schedule and look for fastest results.
– Essentials for women pre/post-natal and want guidance on safe exercises.
– Most effective option if you need a special eye and need to be motivated and “pushed”.

semi private & small groups classes – 60 minutes

Semi private and Small Group Classes are ideal for those wishing to work in a more intimate setting than a big group and with individual attention. Classes can be tailored to meet specific needs and requests.

studio classes – 55/60 minutes

I work as a freelance in collaboration with the Pilates Academy Dubai, JLT and Business Bay branches, and 51 Gym, Al Wasl 51, Dubai.
In both cases, I have a regular schedule and you can inquire for private, duets or small group sessions.

online classes – 30/45/60 minutes

I also offer private, duets and group online classes available across the globe via the Zoom App.
These classes are perfect for continuing your Pilates practice wherever you are and with any prop you have available or simply your free body.
This is a great option for people with hectic travelling schedule or for those who I already trained in person and moved somewhere else in the world!

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