CARBS. All you need to know: why we need them, when to eat them, which ones to choose.

Carbs have recently become the nutritional devil, so to speak.But we need them and they matter because they provide the body with glucose, the PRIMARY FUEL for physical functions.So why we need them?All starts with CORTISOL, an hormone produced by our adrenal glands, so important because impacts all other hormones in our body, especially INSULINContinue reading “CARBS. All you need to know: why we need them, when to eat them, which ones to choose.”

Ovarian cycle, sport performance & nutrition

This is a brief recap of the live conversation I and Dr Salma Ballal had a few days ago and I encourage every women reading this to take one hour of their time and listen to the IGTV video I recorded for you and you can find at my Instagram profile. 🔸All our cycles areContinue reading “Ovarian cycle, sport performance & nutrition”

why water is life

We all know we should drink more water.But are you actually doing it? These are some important reasons why you should drink more water: 1. You’ll feel hungrier if you skip out on water. Thirst and hunger are regulated by the hypothalamus region so it’s easy to confuse hunger with your body’s craving for moreContinue reading “why water is life”

Immunity: not only nutrition

This’s how I keep my immune system strong and healthy through NUTRITION.Today I home made a “Broccoli & chickpeas soup”, simply a booster of proteins and vitamins.Besides stress, training and nutrition, many other factors can affect immunity.1. Dieting and nutritional stress: not getting enough energy or nutrients can suppress the immune system.2. Over-eating it mayContinue reading “Immunity: not only nutrition”

Have you ever dreamt of "flying" on a Cadillac?

Now you can do it (and no need to be billionaire), just need to join a Pilates session on one of the best equipment ever invented by Jo!Apparently, during World War 1, Joseph Pilates was imprisoned in a camp on the Isle of Man and worked with sick and wounded people in one of theContinue reading “Have you ever dreamt of "flying" on a Cadillac?”

What's your favorite Pilates equipment?

My answer changes every day although the Reformer is certainly in my top 3 and I’ll forever keep promoting free-body movement.Far from being a torture apparatus, the Reformer allows exercises to be done in all positions and for the entire body.It’s just spectacular for ATHLETES, like runners, tennis and golf players.Don’t read this wrong: ReformerContinue reading “What's your favorite Pilates equipment?”

Be grateful for keeping your body fit!

Let’s start with an absolute statement: exercise should never be a punishment.Not even for eating too much, cause this’d be the first step towards ruining your relationship both with food and exerciseNot even for “earning” some more kcal before a sumptuous lunch.Getting out of track can happen, we’re humans and it happens to all ofContinue reading “Be grateful for keeping your body fit!”

Runners/Cardio lovers… this's for you!

I’m often asked “How much should I run?” or “Why am I running 5 km everyday and I don’t get any improvement?”.As a coach and an ex-competitive runner, I feel the duty to give precise instructions about this topic, although please consider there’re many more factors to be evaluated when you approach to running. FirstContinue reading “Runners/Cardio lovers… this's for you!”