Wanna be a Ironman (and also a Ironwoman)?

Then consume these foods on a daily basis: 1) Proteins sources, both animal and vegetable ones (red meat as well as legumes) 2) Some fish 3) Egg’s yolk 4) Whole grains (oat and rice f.i.) 5) Dried fruit (dried apricots f.i.) 6) Dried mushrooms 7) Some leafy greens (spinach f.i.) Keep in mind that ironContinue reading “Wanna be a Ironman (and also a Ironwoman)?”

Eating disorders don’t have a shape!

Through my 1,5 year with anorexia, I never looked emaciated nor was I considered to be extremely underweight per cultural standards as I didn’t look like a bag of bones.I also had gotten so used to denying it that I hesitated to call it an “eating disorder”, and none else ever considered that too ‘tillContinue reading “Eating disorders don’t have a shape!”

Water Retention & Cellulite: 10 unbeatable tips to see improvements straight away

Water retention and cellulite are common to many women and can get worse during certain phases of the ovarian cycle. I put down 10 unbeatable tips to see improvements straight away: 1. HYDRATE: The more water intake, the less water retention. 2. FIBER: Consume whole food rich in fiber on a daily basis. 3. SALT:Continue reading “Water Retention & Cellulite: 10 unbeatable tips to see improvements straight away”

Here it’s why you’re not losing weight (yet).

“Why am I training 2/3 times a week, eat healthy and my body is not how it should be?” “What am I doing wrong?” “When will the weight come off?” “Is this even worth it?” I know the frustration. I can feel it. And in that moment, although I’m a nutrition coach and a trainerContinue reading “Here it’s why you’re not losing weight (yet).”

How soon should you eat after a cardio workout?

If you did less than an hour of cardio at a low or moderate intensity, you probably did not deplete all of your muscle’s energy stores. Energy is stored in the muscle as glycogen, a chain of sugar molecules. Your body uses fat and sugar to fuel aerobic exercise. If you haven’t eaten or haveContinue reading “How soon should you eat after a cardio workout?”

Who said that a healthy diet is made up of sacrifices only?

The key of a sustainable weight loss routine is made of few fundamentals: A moderate calories deficit Make sure you get enough proteins Get at least 5 hrs of physical activity in on a weekly basis Drink enough water Get the best quality of your sleep and recovery The secret to make all this happenContinue reading “Who said that a healthy diet is made up of sacrifices only?”

Why do legs swell?

After a long period of sedentary and laziness, if you happen to feel tired, heavy, numb, swollen legs, what should we think?Is it due to bad nutrition, lack of exercise or other factors?Certainly, nutrition plays a fundamental role in this problem, which is largely expressed in the circulation of the legs.Why do legs swell? LegsContinue reading “Why do legs swell?”

CARBS. All you need to know: why we need them, when to eat them, which ones to choose.

Carbs have recently become the nutritional devil, so to speak.But we need them and they matter because they provide the body with glucose, the PRIMARY FUEL for physical functions.So why we need them?All starts with CORTISOL, an hormone produced by our adrenal glands, so important because impacts all other hormones in our body, especially INSULINContinue reading “CARBS. All you need to know: why we need them, when to eat them, which ones to choose.”

Ovarian cycle, sport performance & nutrition

This is a brief recap of the live conversation I and Dr Salma Ballal had a few days ago and I encourage every women reading this to take one hour of their time and listen to the IGTV video I recorded for you and you can find at my Instagram profile. 🔸All our cycles areContinue reading “Ovarian cycle, sport performance & nutrition”

why water is life

We all know we should drink more water.But are you actually doing it? These are some important reasons why you should drink more water: 1. You’ll feel hungrier if you skip out on water. Thirst and hunger are regulated by the hypothalamus region so it’s easy to confuse hunger with your body’s craving for moreContinue reading “why water is life”