Easter 🐣= Chocolate🍫? but these CHOCO-CHICKPEAS are an easy, healthy, vegan, crunchy, protein snack to make with only 2 ingredients and you can have it more than once a year!🤎gluten-free🤎dairy-free🤎sugar-free🤎guilt-free🤎cruelty-free Swipe to see how I made them!Who’s already in love with these?Happy Easter everyone🐣🍫

… another mission accomplished!

I haven’t found yet anything more rewarding then helping a friend achieve her goal, have you?To me being a good coach – as well as a good friend – means support & uplift the other and being always loyal & respectful.This’s why – I guess – both my friendship and coaching journeys with Francesca haveContinue reading “… another mission accomplished!”

let’s talk Quinoa

Who wants an idea for lunch? Let’s go QUINOA: perfect pseudo-cereal with super powers. It’s gluten-free so suitable for celiacs. It’s rich in easy-to-digest carbohydrates, without weighing down the body. It’s super rich in proteins too, so really able to strengthen the entire organism. Want the perfect bowl? Just add seeds (here sunflower’s), broccoli, sproutsContinue reading “let’s talk Quinoa”


One of the most delicious things I’ve ever prepared… here for you! Summing carotenoids and polyphenols in a exquisite pie, rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties… what else?! Only 3 ingredients for the filling ~500g pumpkin cubes (I used Delica)200g “Tropea” (or red) onions80g Mozzarisella or other soft plant based “cheese” For the base ~200gContinue reading “PUMPKIN & TROPEA ONIONS PIE”

fruit: when is it better to eat it?

Let’s start saying that fruit is sugar, therefore it has to be assumed with moderation. Personally, I consume fruit at breakfast and avoid it after lunch and dinner or in the afternoon snack, because most likely I would get bloated. What about FRESH JUICES?My answer is: why should it work differently? Don’t we just squeezeContinue reading “fruit: when is it better to eat it?”

sciatic pain (& pregnancy but not only)

I don’t often pose along with my clients – just because when we work we are actually pretty busy! – but this beautiful mum-to-be is one my most loyal one and I’m very grateful I’ve been given the opportunity to teach her since about three years and take her through her pregnancy (we are atContinue reading “sciatic pain (& pregnancy but not only)”

protein & pregnancy

Quiz time: the word “protein” comes from the greek word “proteios” that means “primary”.Could it be because of protein’s primary role in the body? First answer on me: YES. The nutrition question I am asked most often and I want to ask you is: “Where can I get my protein if not from animal sources?”PeopleContinue reading “protein & pregnancy”

Breaking down the most popular alternative SWEETENERS to table sugar today…

DATES 🌴: vegan, are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, like flavonoids, carotenoids and phenolic acid, which has the power to reduce the risk of many oxidative stress related diseases (diabetes f.i.).Added 👍🏼: its glycemic index is lower than table sugar, even lower than maple syrup (REAL) MAPLE SYRUP 🌱: vegan, is less processedContinue reading “Breaking down the most popular alternative SWEETENERS to table sugar today…”

how amazing is PASTA?

Too often I hear of people removing pasta from their daily nutrition, in a completely wrong belief that pasta is enemy for weight-loss.Pasta is extremely easy to digest, source of complex carbs, with a good protein component and, if you opt for whole pasta, also rich in vitamins and minerals. Today I made myself anContinue reading “how amazing is PASTA?”

Can we live without carbs?

I’m often asked “Can you live WITHOUT CARBS?” I think this’s the face I make and it answers pretty clear. Of course we could live without carbs, it’s the principle of ketogenic diet aka KETO. Your organism won’t use glucose (got from carbs) anymore, but ketones (got from metabolism of fats) as energy source. KetosisContinue reading “Can we live without carbs?”