This is me.

Passionate about sports and travels, and driven by a strong will for self-development,  landed in Dubai from Italy in November 2017.

At the age of 17 I got in contact with the fitness world and started my professional journey in the movement field by acquiring several certifications (indoor cycling, body pump, step choreography, TRX® and personal training).

In 2010 I became Master Trainer creating two group class formats related to the indoor cycling workout. In the same year, I also travelled to New York to attend Robert Steinbacher’s bodyART® Training.

Thanks to the experience in the United States, I approached the Pilates discipline as a student at first, finding remarkable benefits to my injured spine (I suffer from two herniated discs and lumbar arthrosis) from its regular practice. It is thanks to the support of my Pilates routine that I am able to dedicate my free time to my sport passions: kitesurfing and running.

Encouraged by my teaching vocation and interest in bringing wellness to my clients’ lives, I became a Pilates Fully Certified Instructor by Michael King (Reformer) and the Pilates Academy International NYC.

In February 2020, I became a Nutritional Professional Coach, certified by ISSA, and many of my clients find in me a great support both from a nutritional and physical-exercise points of view.
In June 2020, I became a Garuda Teacher, certified by the founder and creator of this wonderful method that encompasses the principles of Pilates, the breath work and asana practices of yoga, the grace and athleticism of dance: James D’ Silva.

My inter-disciplinary experience, resulting from years of passionate work and study, defines my strengths:
– challenge of body awareness and mind power
– extra focus on psycho-physical wellness related to everyday life
– motivational ability for achievement of personal targets

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