… another mission accomplished!

I haven’t found yet anything more rewarding then helping a friend achieve her goal, have you?
To me being a good coach – as well as a good friend – means support & uplift the other and being always loyal & respectful.
This’s why – I guess – both my friendship and coaching journeys with Francesca have been, so far, successful, long lasting and fulfilling.
If there’s will, there’s how. This’s my deepest belief.
This’s what she says about her journey with me.

“I met Paola when I was in Dubai, I was told at the time: “a new teacher is coming and I am sure you will love her”. It was 2017, and I must say those words are so true! She has so much passion in wellbeing, sports, nutrition – in everything she does that it is contagious. In Dubai I worked out with her as PT, and in group pilates classes – in both I had tremendous benefits – but what I didn’t know was that it was only the beginning of a journey. I moved to Barcelona in 2019, we kept in touch and during these lockdown months so hard for some people, for me it was the greatest chance of all! Being close again to her and her workouts so much missed. So at some point in October 2020 I decided – why not – to go for a nutritional plan with her. It was the right time – working from home, cooking my meals, having (or better said – making) “more time” to workout – I felt my brain was in the right status, and I was sure Paola was the right coach. Again, can’t be more true. 3 months after and I lost 8 kg (more than my target!), I feel better, I am as fit as I have never been and all this wouldn’t have been possible without her!!! She is so competent, she tries to understand you, your habits and what is best for you – and she guides you to reach your goals. It’s a long and sometimes difficult process but with all her passion and dedication, for me it was so easy!! She helped me in creating a workout and eating routine, adapting the schedule and the nutrition that has now become part of “me”. Ok, I still can’t agree with NO CHEESE policy – but well, we need some sacrifices sometimes :-). I strongly recommend Paola to anyone that wants to improve their lifestyle – results are guaranteed – together with a lot of fun (and sweat)!”

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