fruit: when is it better to eat it?

Let’s start saying that fruit is sugar, therefore it has to be assumed with moderation.

Personally, I consume fruit at breakfast and avoid it after lunch and dinner or in the afternoon snack, because most likely I would get bloated.

What about FRESH JUICES?
My answer is: why should it work differently? Don’t we just squeeze those oranges or extract the liquid from an apple? It’s the same.

BUT: it all depends on the individual needs!⬇️
Are you just approaching a weight loss diet? Fruit can be a good option into snacks in order to split meals and reach the main meals less hungry.
Do you lack iron? Then squeezing lemon onto your spinach could be a great option!
I’ll never tire repeating that the perfect “diet” does not exist nor an universal one working for everyone.

What really matters is consuming at least 2/3 portions (150/200g) of fruit daily because it’s rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber.

How do you like your fruit?
What’s your relationship with it?

2 thoughts on “fruit: when is it better to eat it?

  1. Fruits… hmmmm My preference goes for the whole fruit versus the juice. Mostly because of their fiber content and because they are more filling. I loved your note on fruits and will focus on having them in the first part of the day instead of afternoon or evening. As to my relationship with 🍉 🍑🥝🍇🍓🫐🍐🍊… well I find them so colorful, yummy, juicy and full of life! 😋


    1. Thank you for your feedback! I agree on fiber content and therefore more fulfilling but juices are very versatile and easier to absorb and digest. Will write more about liquid foods in general🥰
      Have a lovely evening Gina!


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