sciatic pain (& pregnancy but not only)

I don’t often pose along with my clients – just because when we work we are actually pretty busy! – but this beautiful mum-to-be is one my most loyal one and I’m very grateful I’ve been given the opportunity to teach her since about three years and take her through her pregnancy (we are at 35th week here).

This gives me the opportunity to talk about something I hear people (pregnant and non-pregnant, women and men) complaining about a lot: SCIATIC PAIN. Obviously, during pregnancy, this pain running down the glute into the leg, maybe even down to the foot or up to the brain (!!!), happens really often and can become a nightmare.

If you’re looking for some relief and to create some kind of flossing for the entire nerve, try this simple exercise out: copy-paste A.’s position and, without locking your knees, keeping the weight on standing leg’s heel, exhale and fold your back forward (she went way lower despite her status) pointing your toes and relaxing your neck, then inhale and roll back up dorsiflexing your ankle and lifting your neck.
Keep going for a few reps until the pain starts to let go (no, you don’t need a Cadillac, but it’s great for support).

A. will be off for a while in a few weeks, so I have an open spot, 3 times a week, if you want to work through your pregnancy with me or if you simply want to explore the magic of movement with me.

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