protein & pregnancy

Quiz time: the word “protein” comes from the greek word “proteios” that means “primary”.
Could it be because of protein’s primary role in the body? First answer on me: YES.

The nutrition question I am asked most often and I want to ask you is: “Where can I get my protein if not from animal sources?”
People wrongly believe that they can only get protein from meat, fish, dairy product and eggs; the truth is that most people – vegans included – get plenty of protein even when their protein needs are higher because of strenuous exercise or, for women, most importantly, being pregnant.
Can you name a protein source which is not animal derived?

Bookmark: on average, a woman needs around 0,88 grams of protein for each kilo of weight (0,4g for every pound).
Do you know how many more grams of protein per kilo women need during pregnancy?
Send me your comments 🙂

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