Can we live without carbs?

I’m often asked “Can you live WITHOUT CARBS?” I think this’s the face I make and it answers pretty clear.

Of course we could live without carbs, it’s the principle of ketogenic diet aka KETO.

Your organism won’t use glucose (got from carbs) anymore, but ketones (got from metabolism of fats) as energy source.

Ketosis means stability of the sugar level in your bloodstream, therefore no lack of focus nor in energy, and this also enhances weight loss.

A keto diet is highly and negatively affecting your bacterial flora, because you’re meant to eliminate all those foods rich in fiber, like cereals and legumes, that are also rich in good bacteria, essentials for the health of our entire organism.

I could spend many more words talking about the keto diet, but I’m not a doctor and if you decide to begin with keto my advise is to seek for the support of a doctor.

2 thoughts on “Can we live without carbs?

  1. I think it’s best practice to not cut out anything. Any diet which cuts out something entirely is a “fad diet” in my books. I believe in “everything in moderation,” unless something is pure sugar. Great post 🙂


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