ginger… let’s dispatch some myths!

Let’s dispatch the myth of GINGER as the magic for weight-loss and a faster metabolism.

Surely you can use ginger in all forms and preparations (raw, steamed, powdered etc) to enhance your metabolism, but it is not a magic formula.Having a well-balanced nutrition and exercise routine and definitively sleeping enough are the key components for weight loss.

Let’s see in details. Ginger is a root that contains a group of different types of resins called GINGEROLS with strong anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties.

They can help your body recover faster and help you feel better, which can surely leave you in a better position for weight loss. But if you don’t associate appropriate rest and recovery to your workout and activities, ginger won’t do miracles.

Ginger helps with digestion and help with nausea.

It stimulates your intestinal tract and helps you better absorb the nutrients in your foods. But if your diet is not well balanced, rich in whole foods and all nutrients, ginger won’t solve your deficiencies.

Ginger contributes to a stronger immune system.

Ginger root is rich in iron, calcium and phosphorus, therefore can give your immune system a boost by stimulating your lymphatic system, leaving your body ready to tackle any illness that comes your way. When losing weight you tend to eat less and if you’re not eating the right foods, chances are you’re not getting enough nutrients whilst putting a lot of stress in your body, which lowers your immune system and increases the chances of getting sick. Even ginger won’t do the magic!

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