legumes & 💨

Here there’re my #mindbodysoultips for you to stop worrying about their “side effects” and start enjoying their benefits in your nutrition.

If you have never eaten many, start with a small amount, otherwise the “balloon belly” is guaranteed.If your bacterial flora is not prepared to digest them optimally, what happens is fermentation, therefore you’ll feel bloated.

Instead of canned beans, buy dried legumes and cook them with a small piece of Kombu seaweed, then remove it once cooking is over.

Pass them through a vegetable mill to remove the outer skin.

Whether you eat them with rice or alone, avoid combining legumes with broccoli, cauliflowers, kale, bok choy, arugula, cabbage (aka cruciferous veggies)

One of the smartest way to consume legumes is eating pasta made with chickpeas, lentils etc. I love the one from @organiclarder with chickpeas and turmeric, also gluten-free.

Try and let me know if these tips work!

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