Let’s talk (and cook) PUMPKIN!

Today it’s the perfect day 🎃 to talk about PUMPKIN and offer you the fantastic, easy, delicious, vegan recipe of my pumpkin soup♥️
Autumn is the season of pumpkin, the most loved vegetable in the world, ‘cause one of the most versatile, tasty and low in carbs (6g carbs over 100g product), rich in antioxidants and minerals.
I’m addicted to the variety called “Delica”, which tastes like chestnut🌰, has a thin green peel that can be eaten and becomes super crunchy when roasted, and seeds can be cleaned and dried in the oven then become a delicious snack with some salt and pepper on😍
Are you convinced to try it???
Then go to the farmer market 👩‍🌾 and look for a medium size pumpkin (too big can be a bit watery), a bit squeezed in the middle and with a green peel.
Ingredients for 2/3 persons:
•400g pumpkin “Delica”
•400ml vegetable broth, made with a celery stalk, a carrot, a onion
•1 pinch of salt and pepper
•1 tspn curry
•1 pinch of red chili (opt)
•200ml unsweetened coconut milk
Clean the pumpkin, peel it and remove the seeds; then cook it cut in cubes in the vegetable broth for about 25 min, adding the spices.
Leave it in the broth for other 5’, then blend while adding the coconut milk (room temperature).
Serve hot with pumpkin seeds on top😋
Let me know if you try it!

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