“Are you ever stopping?” – NO!

My mum used to ask me since I was very little and the answer is the same even now.-I move: even when I seem still, my mind is working, elaborating strategies, making plans, singing songs, traveling somewhere.-Maybe this’s the reason why I am a sea lover: I feel myself in water, cause also water never stops flowing.-One of the best self-therapy I did right after the accident I got in 2012, was spending 1 hour everyday in high water.Using just a noodle to float and doing the simplest movement you can imagine with legs and core, water gave me the lightness and decompression my injured spine and unbalanced hips needed.Pilates came second and got me back on track, from a stability, strength and mobility point of view.-I kept moving since day one of my rehabilitation: I couldn’t move my legs for 12 days after the accident, every single muscle of my body was sore like never before. I was grounded. Literally as if that car that hit me would have passed all over me. But since the moment I felt better and managed to stand up the bed, I moved.-So no, I never stop. And I hope I will never do🍀.

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