Eating disorders don’t have a shape!

Through my 1,5 year with anorexia, I never looked emaciated nor was I considered to be extremely underweight per cultural standards as I didn’t look like a bag of bones.
I also had gotten so used to denying it that I hesitated to call it an “eating disorder”, and none else ever considered that too ‘till it got really bad […].But the reality is: when you are hiding your food-related or compensatory behaviors from others, or when you feel that food has more power over you than you over it, these are enough to justify support…If I could live it over again, I’d try to reach out to a coach specialized in eating disorders, ‘cause it’s really hard when your closest family members or friends don’t understand. But there are professionals out there that really do!If you find yourself in this, you need help. You won’t survive it alone. If you asked for support and found a closed door, I beg you to try again.It doesn’t have to be me, but if you suspect to experience disordered eating and you’ll knock at my door, I promise I’ll use your data and evidence to make decisions and guide you to a network of expert professionals if necessary. Don’t fight this alone, don’t give up!

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