Water Retention & Cellulite: 10 unbeatable tips to see improvements straight away

Water retention and cellulite are common to many women and can get worse during certain phases of the ovarian cycle.

I put down 10 unbeatable tips to see improvements straight away:

1. HYDRATE: The more water intake, the less water retention.

2. FIBER: Consume whole food rich in fiber on a daily basis.

3. SALT: Salt intake has to be proportioned to Potassium and Water intake in your diet.

4. PROTEINS: Are essential but excess leads to water retention. A balanced diet is goal.

5. CARDIO: Include weight and resistance training in your routine and a low-impact cardio (f.i. swimming) is preferrable to hi-impact (f.i. running) if you’re keen to inflammation.

6. STRETCHING: helps improving circulation and tissues’ elasticity. The Foam Roller is a precious ally for it.

7. LONG SEDENTARY AND STATIC: To interrupt your sedentary work or your static in standing helps preventing water retention.

8. ALCOHOL AND SMOKING create inflammation, therefore worsen cellulite and water retention.

9. PILLOW UNDER THE MATTRESS: helps blood circulation and releasing tensions or swelling in feet, legs, lower back.

10. BE CONSISTENT:We are what we consistently do.
By doing the previous 9 points consistently you’ll get immediate benefits and improvements!

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