Why do legs swell?

After a long period of sedentary and laziness, if you happen to feel tired, heavy, numb, swollen legs, what should we think?
Is it due to bad nutrition, lack of exercise or other factors?Certainly, nutrition plays a fundamental role in this problem, which is largely expressed in the circulation of the legs.
Why do legs swell? Legs swell because, in order for the circulation to work well, it is necessary that muscles contract, because by contracting they allow the blood contained in the veins to rise again upwards. The venous circulation, designed to drain blood from the legs, is mainly supported by muscle movements because its direction is against the force of gravity, there are no pushes from behind to bring blood to the tissues, as happens instead in the arteries, therefore contraction of muscles is essential for this to happen.
Swelling of legs, numbness or tingling of feet are often associated but not always related.
Very often tingling and numbness can be the effect of “bad circulation”, but also of pathological conditions affecting the spine, pelvis, hips (f.i. herniated disc, arthritis etc), arteriosclerosis, or even malfunction of the thyroid gland, heart disease or kidney failure and gout.
Swelling and tingling in legs, as well as cellulite, are often associated with too much water accumulation in the tissues, so too much water retention.
Certainly there are other factors that can arise and influence the leakage of liquid from the bloodstream, so it is advisable, when these cases occur, to carry out wide-ranging investigations.
But if swelling, tingling, cellulite arise in moments of reduced mobility or forced constriction at home as in the case of the lock down just passed, it is clear that the first remedy is to resume physical activity.Check your fats intake, avoid high-processed refined carbs and too much salt, drink more water, move more and more consistently, look for the best possible quality of your sleep and include a good massage in your routines.

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