During this challenging experience we’re all being through, it takes courage and strength to recognize we’re capable to get through it.
Do you feel resilient ?

Today my “old” life of traveling, exploring, discovering and following the wind is so far away. I took a ride with my #skateboard today to get the chance of moving around and feeling less trapped.

Some days I feel like I’m living someone else’s life or my life on a different planet with different rules.
Our world is upside down.
Our world is trying to tell us something.
We pulled so much its strings that, in order to be able to listen, we had to be stopped and locked up.
Will we change anything? Will we be able to understand the message the Universe is sending us?
Many doubts are populating my head about this topic…

So I meditate, I take few minutes every day just to #breathe and calm down my pace and try to transform these worrisome thoughts into positive ones.
Let’s not forget that there’s so many people out there who are much worse off than us.

Let’s not lose this unique chance to come out of all this wiser.

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