plant based

P L A N T – B A S E D
People become plant-based eaters for different reasons.
But don’t assume that ALL plant-based eaters are healthy.
There are plenty of processed and refined plant-based food.

For 100% plant-based eaters, especially at their 1st approach, these are my ADVICES as a Certified Professional Nutritional Coach, in order to improve your food choices getting more whole foods, variety, enough protein and healthy fats.
~ Include beans and legumes for proteins. Experiment is essential to find out which ones are better tolerated and start with small amounts to allow your gastrointestinal tract to adapt.
~ Include high-protein whole grains (quinoa f.i.)
~ Try not consuming lots of processed soy products (soy cheese f.i.)
~ Try to move towards fermented soy products (e.g. tofu, tempeh) in small amounts.
~ Supplement as needed.
Start with a basic multivitaminic / multimineral supplement and algae-based omega-3 supplement.
~ Consider some nutritional testing to see whether there are deficiencies (vit. B12, A, K2 and D along with some minerals).

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