Immunity: not only nutrition

This’s how I keep my immune system strong and healthy through NUTRITION.
Today I home made a “Broccoli & chickpeas soup”, simply a booster of proteins and vitamins.
Besides stress, training and nutrition, many other factors can affect immunity.
1. Dieting and nutritional stress: not getting enough energy or nutrients can suppress the immune system.
2. Over-eating it may also compromise the immune response.
3. Nutrient deficiency. Lack of minerals, vitamins or macros can reduce the immune system’s ability to respond.
4. Age. Our innate immune system response can break down as we get older.
5. Gender. Estrogens generally enhance immunity ♀ while androgens can suppress it ♂ (this’s why women tend to do better with colds than men, although women have more auto-immune disorders than men)
6. Sleep. Poor sleep=less immunity.
7. Climate. F.i. sauna/hot bath may stimulate better immunity in those with compromised immune function.
8. Mood. Immune alterations affect mood and inflammation. Moderate exercise acts as an anti-inflammatory in those with inflammatory conditions.

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