Immunity System – something to keep in mind.

We all like to be and stay healthy. And certainly part of this comes from a healthy immune system.

In this 21st century life, lots of stressors can easily compromise our immune system, either up-regulating or down-regulating its response.
In the first case, the immune system itself attacks health tissue; in the second, we become immuno-compromised.
Which are these stressors?

  • Chronic stress (emotional, mental, physical, nutritional)
  • Long work hours, intense work demands
  • Shift work and traveling across time zones, which disrupt our body-clock
  • Exposure to pathogens (organic/industrial)
  • Changing environments (hot/humid, cold, altitude)
  • Heavy athletic training

How we eat also affects recovery and immunity.
Along with eating lean protein, colorful veggies, quality carbs including fruits, and healthy fats, taking carbs (especially from colorful fruits) and aminoacids/proteins during or after exercise/training can boost exercises’ overall recovery and immuno-competence.

Written by Paola Simboli, March 18th – 2020

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