The Art Of Stillness.

March 6th, 2020.
Today I was supposed to leave for 3 fabulous weeks of holidays, in which I should have visited friends and family at home, snowboarded in Switzerland, then enjoyed Barça with Francesca @frensis46 and finally gathering with my beloved Diana @dianapagano_yoga_pilates in Fuerteventura.
Today I learnt that sometimes We have to stop trying to force things to happen. That everything will come together with the perfect time.
That sometimes our plans are meant to be broken and that We have to learn and follow the ART OF STILLNESS.
We don’t have to get discouraged by what We don’t get right now; and maybe We’ll find out that what we get tomorrow will be worth the wait even more.

Today I’m here, in the city that I can call home since more than 2 years, and, despite tired and a bit sad, I feel grateful anyway. ‘Cause here I have all I need, I love my job, I feel safe and I’m rewarded everyday by my fantastic clients for what I do.

Special thanks to Agi @equitness and Nancy @nancycastiglioni for having my back here and making me feel like a Goddess floating above the sky!

Written by Paola Simboli

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